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  • Brand new 1/200 scale diecast airplane model of Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker Tanker Aircraft “Kansas Air National Guard” United States Air Force “Gemini 200” Series die cast model by GeminiJets.
  • Detailed exterior.
  • True-to-scale detail.
  • Comes with a display stand.
  • This model does not have any openings.
  • Manufacturer’s original unopened packaging.
  • Made of diecast metal with some plastic parts.
  • Dimensions approximately L-8.25, Wingspan-7.75 inches.
  • Diecast metal and plastic construction for durability and a heavy, realistic feel.
  • The USAF KC-135, associated with the Kansas Air National Guard, has a distinguished history of service in numerous conflicts and critical missions. This versatile aerial refueling tanker has played an indispensable role in extending the reach and endurance of the United States Air Force’s aircraft.
  • Throughout the Cold War, the KC-135 fleet, including those from the Kansas Air National Guard, stood ready to support America’s strategic bomber forces and other aircraft during this period of geopolitical tension. Their rapid response capabilities were crucial for maintaining a credible deterrence against potential adversaries.
  • Additionally, these tankers have been actively involved in various conflicts and humanitarian missions, including Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990s, where they provided vital in-flight refueling for coalition aircraft during the liberation of Kuwait. The KC-135s have also been instrumental in supporting relief efforts during natural disasters and crisis situations.
  • This 1:200 scale model pays tribute to the aircraft’s significant contributions to both military operations and humanitarian endeavors. Display it proudly to honor the dedication and service of the aircrew and ground personnel who have operated and maintained these essential aircraft.
Weight 1812 g
Dimensions 20.32 × 38.1 × 17.78 cm


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